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Your website is your face.

Let us put a smile on it :)

Our work

Friendly :) On all devices.

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our work

We're here for you.

We're specialized

We breathe music.

We know what you need. 

Best Value

Top quality,

amazing price.

Constantly Updating

Your website grows with you. We can update your content.

Full Support

We are here for you during the whole process.

SEO - Google

We make sure people can easily find you on Google.

Easy access

Want to add content yourself? We'll teach you how.


Our websites look wonderful on any device.

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You need it urgently?

We can do it!

Be happy!

We want you to be extremely happy with your website :)

about us

 About the Queen Studio

The Queen Studio specializes in creating websites for classical musicians and artists. 

We build our websites on the  world leading Wix and Editor X platforms.

We believe that your website is your face to the world, and therefore it should show who you are in just a few seconds. It is your virtual business card!

Our websites are unique and personalized, according to the artist's needs and preferences. 
We understand the freelance economical needs and offer simple and easy to maintain plans.

Our Team

Licking Cat

El Gato Rojo

1st Personal Assistant

I take care of the cozy atmosphere of our studio.

I also sleep most of the time.

If you need anything, contact the owner and designer.

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After many years of experience in web design on the Wix platform, I've decided to offer my experience to others who need it in order to achieve the best results.

As an actively working artist, I deeply understand the needs and challenges of our profession and I address them personally and with care for each one of my clients.

Sleeping Kitten


2nd Personal Assistant

I take care of the wellbeing of our clients. When you feel stressed out, just send me an email and I will respond with my wise cat input.

I also sleep most of the time.

If you need anything, contact 1st Personal Assistant.

our team


You deserve an amazing website.

Contact us now, let's do this!

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